What lies behind great discoveries and achievements? The true passion of an individual who is in search of something special.

Ammonitum has its own exciting story to tell — the story of search and success. It all started in 1997 when Munich-based designer Marcus Horner was looking for some “exceptional” bathroom fitment for his house. His long and tedious search revealed that nothing of the sort was available. Well, he realised that the best way to get what he wanted was to invent it! Furthermore it should be made of a live and precious material — wood.

Thus Marcus began experimenting with different types of wood. He would cut and glue wooden blocks and put newly made washbasins to the test. Eventually it became obvious that the most reliable material was birch multiplex — wood used for custom yacht building.

Why was birch multiplex the perfect choice? On the one hand, it retained its shape even under extreme changes in temperature and humidity. On the other hand, its structure resembled a pattern of annual tree rings. To top it off, the rhythmical sequence of golden and opaque layers looked amazing.

First wooden washbasin was created by Marcus Horner in 1997.

Another step in creating an ideal bathroom item was to improve glue and varnish. Marcus got totally immersed in his work and would make and test new mixtures with the passion of an alchemist. He continued his meticulous research for four years. Finally in 2001 he created the first flawless product for himself and got it patented. At that time wooden bathroom equipment seemed quite an unusual thing, therefore the news about Marcus’s invention quickly spread out among yacht interior designers to attract the first clients.

In due course it became apparent that wooden bathroom equipment required proper furniture. Four years ago it was decided to offer not only washbasins and baths, but also posh furniture and other furnishing items to help clients develop unique bathroom interior designs.

Well, this is the story of Ammonitum and its small creative team comprising furniture and interior designers, architects, painters and even sculptors. The company’s name was inspired by ammonite — an irreplaceable element decorating almost every product.

Although the product is considered costly, we have implemented over 500 small-and large-scale projects for clients all over the world — Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, UAE, Lebanon, UK, Romania, Austria, Bulgaria etc. Among our clients are well-known Swiss watch manufacturers and bankers, star hairdressers and rock musicians, politicians and kings of Munich Oktoberfest.

Still, what strikes most is that no one has ever complained about the Ammonitum quality. The very first product, made over 10 years ago, has retained its original beauty and lustre until now and looks brand new and fashionable.