is a live material created by Nature. Even after cut down, it keeps living — it breathes, radiates warmth, provides security and emits a sweet scent of resin. Unlike metal or ceramics, wood deepens our perception of life through building a true relation between Man and Nature.

Using wood in bathroom areas, we replace cold, dull metal or ceramic furnishing with warm, golden amber and unflawed wooden surfaces. Made of wood, bathroom equipment turns into the most elegant furniture of exquisite shapes, gracious curves and delicate colours.

Ammonitum is a breath of fresh air in contrast to typical bathroom design. We perfectly blend artificial and natural materials, cutting edge technologies and our artistic talents to give birth to masterpieces of unmatched bathroom furniture.

When you think about interior design of gorgeous yachts, luxury limousines and private jets, what notions immediately arise in your mind? A craftsman’s skills, an exclusive style, exotic sorts of wood, high-luster varnish, carbon and chrome items...

Ammonitum collections boast all these elements and much more. Our wooden bathroom furniture is fashioned for those cherishing comfort, beauty, elegance and suitability.

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