Frequently Asked Questions

Is the procedure of washbasin and bath installation the same as for conventional washbasins and baths?

Yes, absolutely, since all dimensions conform to international standards.

Can I use any drain plug?

Yes, any, but with a closing tool in the washbasin plug itself and any standard for the bath. Drain plugs with the engraved washbasin designer logo are always in the set.

How is the wood protected from water?

By more than 10 layers of special lacquer — for more information see the Washbasin Production Process page.

What should I do if the surface is somehow damaged?

In order to damage the surface some heavy or sharp object has to fall from a height of 30–50 cm. This may fatally damage an ordinary ceramic washbasin, but a wooden item can be repaired. Depending on the complexity of damage there are the following options:

  • If the surface is scratched, any car painting specialist (or even yourself, with a proper grinding tool) will be able to polish a scratch. Feel free to use any car polishing devices for our surfaces. There are companies that offer small repairs of lacquer surfaces on the site — you can also contact them.
  • If damage is serous and affects the very core of the wood, there will not be a crack so any furniture workshop working with polyester lacquers can assist you.

Multiplex (wood) and over 10 layers of special varnish have a very good shock resistance.

Flaws in the ceramic can not be repaired any more.

Do I need to take care of the surface in a special way and how often? Is there anything to avoid?

Our products do not require special maintenance or care. Do not use abrasive cleaners on the product like powders and pastes containing solid abrasives. Toothpaste, soap and water residue are easy to remove with a wet towel without using any cleaners. You should use only anti-calc products or lemon acid to clean plugs. Treat and polish an item’s surface as if it were your car varnish coating, that way the product will preserve its original beauty and lustre for years to come.

How does the surface react to conventional cleaning agents?

Perfectly normally. Very important: do not use abrasive cleaners like powders and pastes containing solid abrasives. You can find the results of different surface tests here.

What is the warranty on your wooden products?

We provide a 10 year warranty on all of our products made using our technology. The warranty is applied to product integrity and the formation of spontaneous fractures, and does not cover damage caused by mechanical impact or neglect.

Setting the warranty aside, how long will we be able to use this washbasin?

In our experience at least 10 years — there are precedents — but actually probably much longer, as after a decade of use the products still look brand new.

What are the advantages of your product in comparison to other manufacturers of wooden washbasins and baths?

The main difference of our products from others is the absolutely perfect lacquer surface and the rings that shimmer uniquely. No other manufacturer can offer a more perfect lacquer surface and we say this in all good faith. Most competitors are producing baths from blocks of solid wood so their surfaces are opaque with no trace of annual rings. With surfaces treated with natural oil, this is, of course, very nice and close to nature, but such surfaces require regular and continuous treatment with oil, preferably every six months if in regular use. It is very unlikely that a customer spending 7–10.000 Euros for a bath will wish to treat it with oil every six months. Those producers claiming that their product does not require treatment are simply not telling the whole story. If they are left untreated, theoretically, the customer will face possible surface defects, such as cracks or strains, in future.

Another advantage: we are able to create any shape and reproduce any individual design according to the drawing of our client. We have unlimited opportunities regarding colour combinations and rare tree species’ texture variations. Our portfolio includes over 80 similar items.

The use of varnish gives us ample opportunities to customise the product according to individual customer needs. So under a lacquer coating we can put an extraordinary leaf, a flower or a blade of grass, an ornament or even a picture. for example, for a Swiss watch manufacturer we made a washbasin with a crack, which was filled with clock cogwheels.

Do you make your products of plywood?

No. We can make our products of any wooden material on our client’s request, but we prefer German or Swiss multiplex, with the highest A/a quality (there are four stages of quality). This product is akin to plywood in terms of production principles, but more expensive than any other array and is mainly used in yacht building as the basic material. Multiplex is ideal, since it perfectly retains its shape even in terms of extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations — hence the 10 year warranty. You cannot build a super yacht using plywood. If we were to make our product of other wooden material, we would not be able to provide a 10 year warranty. However, cases when the client requires another material are indeed extremely rare.

Ammonitum constructs their furniture from aluminium sandwich panels, so what benefits does this offer?

Aluminium is a light material with a high degree of inherent stability. One square metre of a two centimetre thick sandwich panel made of aluminium weighs around seven kilograms. This is less than half the weight of an MDF panel of the same thickness.

Aluminium has a long life because it doesn’t rust, break or warp.

Aluminium is fire-resistant and environmentally friendly — aluminium can be entirely recycled without losing quality in the process. The recycling process requires only five percent of the energy that would be needed for extraction. Aluminium is completely safe and poses no health risk because it is completely non-toxic and hygienic.

Furniture is easier to assemble due to its light weight and fuel is saved as far as logistics are concerned, with less CO2 emissions.

Ammonitum goes for powder coating for the furniture, so what benefits does this bring?

An almost unlimited choice of colours. We can offer our clients a choice of over 1.700 RAL design colours. Metallic colours can also be implemented.

Powder coatings are free of solvents and therefore environmentally friendly.

Powder coatings are weather-resistant with high corrosion protection, chemical-resistant, tough and have good antibacterial properties.