All our products come with a 10-year warranty running from the delivery date and covering cracks and leaks. The warranty does not cover inflicted mechanical damage and damage to wooden pieces or varnished surfaces caused by maltreatment.


Our products do not require special maintenance or care.

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners (powders and pastes containing solid abrasives)!
  • Toothpaste, soap and water residue is easy to remove with a wet towel without using any cleaners.
  • You should use only anti-calc products or lemon acid to clean plugs.

Treat and polish an item surface as if it were your car varnish coating, and the product will preserve its original beauty and luster for years to come.


Test Substance Outcome 
Acetone (drops on a surface)  no reaction 
Acetone (wiping a surface with an acetone-soaked cloth)  varnish ruined
Pencil  no reaction 
Vinegar  no reaction 
Acetic acid  white stain*
Liquid deodorant  no reaction 
Coffee  no reaction 
Lipstick  no reaction 
Milk  no reaction 
Oil  no reaction 
Pure alcohol (Ethanol, 95%)  white stain*
Detergents: Vanish, Antikal, Ente WC-Gel, Rorax, Bang, Tempo  no reaction 
Red wine  no reaction 
Hydrochloric acid (HCI, 99%)  no reaction 
Tea  no reaction 
Ink  no reaction 
Mascara  no reaction 
Lemon juice  no reaction 

All test substances were applied on a surface to the effect lasting for 24 hours.

* The white stain has almost totally disappeared within 72 hours.


Unlike ceramic and glass bathroom ware, mechanical damage to wooden objects is subject to repair. As mordant solution prevents water penetration, an item frame can be handled and covered with varnish again. A surface, which became dull and scuffed due to abrasive cleaners, can also be polished until it regains its original shine and spark.