Production Process

Each item begins to exist by gluing dozens of wooden rings to each other. Then product begins to take shape. Previously a shape used to be made with a special electric fretsaw. Yet, in recent years, due to increased demand, a shape is cut out using a milling computer-control tool.

Once the form is ready, a long phase of manual handling starts:

  1. The initial phase includes thorough grinding, which takes (depending on a surface) three days to three weeks, until the surface becomes smooth and velvet-like.
  2. Then, the surface is placed in a special tub to get completely soaked with mordant.
  3. Afterwards product is dried in a drying chamber.
  1. The next step involves varnishing that takes a lot of time. It consists of:
    • priming;
    • applying two special varnish coatings;
    • adding a coating layer of filling lacquer that is also implemented in wooden interiors of luxury cars like Rolls-Royce and Bentley.
  2. At the end the surface is covered with a layer of waterproof varnish used for toys and children's furniture. The final stage involves applying a nano coating to produce the glossy waterproof surface which requires no special care.

The entire manufacturing process takes up to 12 weeks. It is fair enough. We apply more than 10 layers of lacquer to protect the surface from water and help retain the shape for decades, precisely down to the millimetre.